Hello there! Welcome to my website. If I had to summarise myself in a sentence, I would say:

I am a data engineer with nearly four years’ experience of designing, implementing, and deploying Django-based systems and eight years’ experience of researching and teaching data visualisation.

That means I work on Django-based systems day-to-day and on data visualisation when I can. I think I can claim to have some knowledge of data visualisation, as I have an MSc and a PhD in it from City University London and worked as a research fellow in it at the University of St Andrews.1 These days, whilst I’m no longer researching and teaching, I’m still helping others as a subject matter expert and mentor.

I post here and on Medium. I share code on bl.ocks.org and GitHub. You’ll find my CV on LinkedIn. You can contact me at iain[at]dillingham.me.uk and @iaindillingham.



  1. Actually, I have an MSc and a PhD in Geographic Information Science and worked as a research fellow in GeoInformatics (sic). I’m going to assume that you’re not interested in the fine-grained distinctions between academic disciplines and call both data visualisation for simplicity. Besides, I have publications, so there.